How To Make Money As A Teen

10 Oct How To Make Money As A Teen

These days, we no longer have to wait until adulthood to start legally earning a decent income.  As a teenager, as long as you are willing to work smart and hard, it is possible for you to get a decent wage from your efforts and not be taken advantage of with minimum wage.

It’s also worthwhile to suggest that while you are on the job making money, consider taking on work that value-adds to your life goals.  Learn as much as you can!  Maximise the benefit of your job, either by cultivating your area of interest, or getting work that can be featured on your resume.  Even in jobs which seemingly has nothing to teach you, brush up on your people skills.  Those are most handy.

Here are some ways you can start making money:

1. Learn a skill that How to make money as a teenageris in demand and SELL!

Interested in technology?  How about learning how to write an app? Fiverr or Freelancer will quickly show you what skills are in demand.  Pick something that interests you, learn either through free classes online (Youtube/ DIY books etc) and start selling on these websites when you are ready.

This way, you build your skill set, as well as start creating a portfolio including gathering your customers’ reviews.


2. Trade youMaking money as a teenagers!r time

Prefer something quicker?  How about selling your time to do tasks?  Check out Airtasker where you are able to pick up errands like gardening/ moving items for some cash.  Closer to home, you can do a newspaper run or mow the garden for your neighbours/ your parents.  They will be more than happy for someone to offer.  With them though, you might need to work harder on negotiation!


3. Share your opinTeenager's opinion mattersion

Not confident that you can do either of the above?  How about signing up to do focus groups?  Market research companies will always be on the lookout for your opinion as a teenager and are willing to pay either cash or in the form of gift cards.  Too easy!  Here’s a link I found that gives a good list of websites you can start with.


Once the money starts coming in, you might wish to consider setting some aside for savings.  Not keen on that?  Check out our article here on an alternative view to what savings are.  Start building your passive cash-nest today!

Let no one underestimate the power of youth.



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