Give your kids the knowledge

to pursue their dreams

A good understanding of money management can change your life.


It can mean the difference between living fearfully pay check to pay check

or having the financial stability to buy a house and follow your dreams.


That’s why at Fundamental Cents we’re committed to giving your kids

the skills they need to take control of their destiny – while having a ton of fun!


Our games and educational programs give your kids the knowledge
and confidence to manage their finances and live their dream life.

The Team

Cynthia WONG


By the age of 29, Cynthia became a CPA, bought a house and made investments that are still supporting her today. She believes that to get ahead in life and achieve your dreams, you have to understand money and invest wisely! As the chief game master at Fundamental Cents, Cynthia makes sure the games and programs are packed with life-building lessons that youths put into practice.


A banker from a humble background, Li Si knows first-hand what it means to make the little you have go a long way. She’s passionate about helping people to see that no matter your background or circumstance, you can always find a way to stretch your dollars and achieve your ambitions. As the chief gamer at Fundamental Cents, Li Si spreads the message of empowerment, works with underprivileged youths, and make sure everyone’s having fun!